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Ojibway Clans by Mark A. Jacobson

Ojibway Clans by Mark A. Jacobson

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Learn about Ojibway Clans with artist Mark Anthony Jacobson.

  • Ojibway Clans by Ojibway artist, Mark A. Jacobson
  • Soy based ink and water based protective coating
  • Made from paper sourced from sustainable forests
  • 24 pages; measures 8.5 in x 11.25 in

From the Artist, Mark A. Jacobson This book is about the clan system of the Ojibway First Nations people of Canada abd the animal totems, or spirits, that represent them. The clan system is made up of a group of families that are descended from a common ancestor through family chiefs. This system provides leadership and organization within the community and plays a very important role in our culture, creating harmony and direction for each member of the tribe.