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The Tree

The Tree

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There is a river flowing near me, and I've watched that river change and grow. For eight hundred years I have lived here, through the wind, the fire, and the snow.

This powerful song of an ancient Douglas fir celebrates the age-old cycle of life in the Pacific Rain Forest, revealing the interconnectedness of all things. From the gentle whisper of owls' wings to the haunting echo of a lone wolf 's cry, each scene resonates with the beauty and sacredness of nature. But when bulldozers invade the forest, the tree senses its impending destruction and asks,

Who will house the owl? And who will hold that river's shore? And who will take refuge in my shadow, if my shadow falls no more?

A stunningly illustrated book, The Tree sounds an urgent call to preserve our fragile environment, reminding each of us that hope for a brighter future lies in our own hands. "I love this book!" Pete Seeger, musician and songwriter. 

*This book was found in a box after we reopened from COVID in July 2020. We don't know where it came from, when, or how much we paid for it.