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Vintage Beaver Magazine - Spring 1975

Vintage Beaver Magazine - Spring 1975

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This is a vintage magazine, not a new product!

The Beaver Magazine was published by the Hudson's Bay Company between the years of 1920 and 2010 before it was renamed. Articles focus on themes of Canadian History, travel, and exploration related to the interests of the Hudson's Bay Company. 

Contains articles titled:

-The Mississauga and David Ramsay
-Sea Otters: A Third Transplant
-'Unpretending' But Not 'Indecent'; Living Quarters at Mid-19th Century HBC Posts
-The Calvary at Oka
-The Cape Dorset Prints
-The Care of Fine Prints
-Oak Hammock Marsh
-Eskimos of the Kazan
-The Uncelebrated Boats of the Albany
-Haida Totems: A Salvage Operation

Dimensions: 11.5 x 8.25 in. 

Disclaimer about language: These magazines are a product of their time and the language used in them reflects this. Please be advised that the language and certain terms may not reflect current values and may be of an offensive or derogatory nature.