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Wilderness Pleasure: A Camping Guide - Kevin Callan

Wilderness Pleasure: A Camping Guide - Kevin Callan

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A well-illustrated and highly entertaining sequel to the author's The Happy Camper, this book is a practical, informative and comic look at all aspects of wilderness camping: from planning to companions, wildlife to martinis.

All of the thrills with none of the spills.

Praise for Kevin Callan's The Happy Camper:
"Comprehensive, easy-to-read... [Cal/an] displays the assurance and economy of a true woodsman, and applies humor as well."
- San Francisco Chronicle

This colorfully illustrated, highly entertaining, truly informative sequel to The Happy Camper looks at why people love the wilderness and how everyone from rugged canoe-trippers to family car-campers can derive more enjoyment from their time outdoors.

This is the perfect book for those who love camping except for "that one part" (which may be packing, portaging, bugs, bad weather, second-rate food, sleeping bags, rocks, uphill hikes, downhill tumbles, tippy canoes, life without a toilet or, let's face it, other campers). With his trademark mix of comic timing and expertise, veteran guide Kevin Callan reveals the secrets to smooth paddling and pleasure-filled camping.

Topics include:

  • Choosing and planning the right trip
  • Camping companion harmony
  • Best camping equipment, gadgets and clothing
  • Sleeping softly on hard ground
  • Traveling light but eating well
  • Bush martinis and other wilderness spirits
  • Close encounters of the wildlife kind
  • Campside saunas, skinny-dipping, and how to make love in a canoe.